TOT by Totem Pérez – Art Exhibition

TOT by Totem Pérez

16th – 28th March 2013

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Saturday 16 March at 19hrs.

DJ Das + Guest will add some beats to the evening
We’ll also have the performance: Arranzcame la vida de un tirón

+ Atelier-Gallerie SUBSUELO + Kvartira

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About the artist:

The monumental works of Francisco Pérez “Totem” from Chile convey an intertwined system of ancient symbols, revival of Classical and Neo-Avantgarde traditions, mixing of Surreal, Dadaist, Expressionist, Tashist and similar elements inspired by Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Juan Gris and Spanish or Catalan renowned painters of the 20th century, which the artist has transformed through his specific, subjective approach. It represents layers of two different, superficial and deep cultural identities, in spiritual as well as in technical sense, both horizontally and vertically (how the latter can be understood will be touched upon later). This visual journey needs to be imagined on the axis South America-West Europe as the artist currently lives in Berlin, yet also on the basis of his experiences from Lendava, this axis is supplemented or integrated by intense, current eastern European impressions. Francisco Perez paints suggestive paintings of huge dimensions, powerful, sometimes exciting and mysterious and at the same time playful with his grotesque figures, dreamlike scenes, visual and poetic effects, evoking their own fantasy world of collective childlike self. His name Totem is an additional proof of that and Perez is well known by it within the contemporary art scene in Berlin. His artistic world – totem pillar on the rise – is very diverse. Alongside his characteristic large-scale paintings he also creates installations, lighting objects, sculptures and murals, all made of reusable materials. His work is continuous, a constant automatic inner journey through which he projects the stunning figures of his imaginary world full of unexpected twists, wild colours representing his own moods in every painting in his whole body and spiritual essence, directly or indirectly decanting into one with the painting and the environment and thus suggestively influencing each one of us.

Bianca Iványi, art historian
(English translation: Sandra Vida)




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