Teresa Woischiski

Interview by Sarah Kilcoyne

January 2019



Photo credit: Sarah Kilcoyne

Teresa is a freelance translator, who coworks here at ESDIP with her trusty sidekick, Stevie! She also spends her free time composing and performing music – read on to learn all about the adventures of Teresa and Stevie! 

Sarah: Hi Teresa! Let’s start at the beginning – what do you work on here at ESDIP?

Teresa: Hej Sarah! I work on translation and copywriting projects.


S: Cool! And what languages do you translate? 

T: My main work is English to German and sometimes Spanish to German. But it is really hard for me to translate into Spanish, I find talking much easier.


S: Then ESDIP is definitely a good place to be. Now, tell us about your little doggy friend! What’s his name?

T: His name is Stevie, named after Stevie Nicks. I was first told he is gonna be a girl. I kept the name, as it is rather universal. Sorry for him barking sometimes at other co-workers.. he is just a little ‘Angsthase’ and tries to defend himself.


A snapshot from Teresa’s website, ‘dein Übersetzer’. Image credit: Teresa Woischiski 

S: Do you find that you make more friends, when you walk around town with a cute little pooch?

T: I could make friends with a lot of kids especially. They all want to touch him. In summer it is nice at Boxi park. All the dog owners go there with their coffee before work. Nice to have a little chat.


S: What kind of stuff do you translate? ie; books, websites, songs…  

T: Right now I am working on content for a website creator and marketing texts for a club hotel. It really varies from day to day. But mostly marketing and tourism.


S: Speaking of songs! In preparation for this interview, I did just a bit of online snooping – and I have discovered that you’re a musician! Tell us allll about it. How did you get into that?

T: I guess no one gets away from Sarah’s online snooping! Yes, I am a singer. I don’t really remember how I got into it, music was basically always there. 

What genre does your music fall under?

T: Shy Electro-Pop.


Where does the pullover end and the pooch begin?? Photo credit: Sarah Kilcoyne

S: Do you play live gigs here in Berlin? Or tell us where we can listen to your stuff!

T: We might have shows in a few months. Right now we are working on our second EP.


S: When you’re working at your Flex Desk here, are you mostly translating, or working on your songs?

T: Mostly drinking coffee and translating or copywriting. 


S: Have you always lived in Berlin, or is there another city you’d call home? 

T: I have lived in Barcelona for a few years before moving to Berlin. It feels definitely like my second home, I love Gracia, the two kisses when saying ‘hi’ to someone, Tapas, especially Patatas Bravas and Pimientos al Padrón, the ocean walks and the language! 


S: How does it feel to win the esteemed Coworker of the Month award?

T: Stevie and I are very flattered. 


S: And finally! Any advice for aspiring translators/musicians/songwriters?

T: Yes: Don’t listen to others. Follow your inner voice.


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