“A New Tense” book release + exhibition

Book design by Robert Hanna.


“A New Tense” book release + exhibition

Berlin! Come to ESDIP to celebrate the launch of Jo Day’s first novel, A New Tense, and to see the artworks of local artists Katherine Acosta and Camila Maldonado. There will be a small tab on the bar so you can grab a free beer or red wine (an obligatory book launch beverage) while listening to a reading from the author at 21.00. Afterwards there will be music to round off the evening.



A New Tense

After a traumatic event in Melbourne, Laurie escapes to Berlin, only to have to come back six months later to bury her estranged mother. She tries to reconnect with her best friend, Jones, who’s ignoring her.
But she’s doing fine.
More or less.
Set in a boozy and drug-fuelled summer in Melbourne, A New Tense is about grief, friendships, and the family that people make when they don’t have their own.



I wrote this book as a way to express grief, and also as a response to so many of the books I read that detailed women in their twenties and thirties whose fulfilment in life was centred around monogamous heterosexual relationships. I wanted to write about my experiences and the experiences of the people around me, and to explore themes of friendship and of queer and open romances.





The series Some Girls are Better than Others was born from the love/hate interaction of woman in society. Exploring freedom on shapes, it is still classified in what would be figurative art. In the process, the obvious enjoyment is translated to numerous different feelings represented not only in the expressive figures but also in the moods of the dancing bright colours in every single piece.


Zodiac shows us through different elements, the characteristics that build the behaviour and personality of human beings. Using the collage as a tool for expressing different experiences, feelings, and impressions of people around me and their different signs, with a subjective look to the whole game of the zodiac, almost each one of the collages is dedicated to a particular person, a playful game of expression in mixed media.




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