› What is ESDIP?
ESDIP is a coworking space and art school in Berlin that first opened in 2012. The original ESDIP started as an Art School in Madrid in 1983. Over the years, ESDIP Madrid grew to become one of the most prestigious art institutes in Europe. Our space in Berlin serves artists and all kinds of creatives as a coworking space, school, gallery, event location and meeting point.


› Who can join the ESDIP community?
Anyone can! We are artists, illustrators, cartoonists, designers, programmers, photographers, writers and many other creative people from different countries.


› What does ESDIP stand for?
The name comes from the original idea of the art school in Madrid.
E = Escuela,
S = Superior,
DI = Dibujo,
P = Profesional
Translation: Professional Drawing College.


› Who is behind ESDIP?
ESDIP was founded by a young couple of animators with 4 children. The lessons originally began in their living room, with a few handmade light tables and chairs. Nowadays the grown-up children and a team of 70 people run the college together in Madrid.
In Berlin you’ll find one of them: the baby of the family, María, and her adopted Irish Esdiper Sarah.


› What’s the atmosphere like?
Easy-going and relaxed. We enjoy having lunch together in the kitchen or having a drink after work. We concentrate when we have to work but we love chats and little breaks to play foosball.


› Can I make phone calls?
Yes, you can. ESDIP is not a silent place as a rule. You can make phone calls from your desk or use the kitchen or meeting room if you need more privacy.


› Can I bring clients or guests?
Yes, you can use any part of the space to meet your clients. The meeting room is free to use for coworkers, you just need to reserve it in advance to make sure is not used by others.


› Can I also work out of hours?
If you book the full access plan you can work anytime. Otherwise, our regular opening hours are Monday to Friday, 10am to 7pm.


› How are the cancellation periods set out?
Open End membership can be terminated giving ESDIP Berlin at least one month’s notice prior to the end of their monthly contract date (Eg. If your contract date is on February 5th and you give notice on the middle of April, your membership will end on the 5th of June).


› Are pets allowed?
We love animals! Yes, we’d like to meet your pets.


› Can I buy coffee or food in ESDIP?
You will find coffee and cold drinks in the kitchen, as well as a variety of snacks. Only vegan!




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