Interview by Sarah Kilcoyne

November 2017


Laura Eglington!

Once a month here at ESDIP, there is a prestigious prize up for grabs – the esteemed ‘Coworker of the Month‘ award!

We are proud to take this opportunity to show off one of our fabulous coworkers, and give you an insight into the type of work that our community members do here on a daily basis.

Photo credit: Sarah Kilcoyne

We sat down for a chat with one of our dedicated coworkers Laura Eglington, to find out a bit more about her freelancing projects, and what floats her boat. Laura has been coworking at ESDIP Berlin since 2015, and currently uses her desk to work on her freelance translation business.


ESDIP: Hi Laura! So, first thing’s first – what kind of work do you do?

Laura: Mostly translation and editing, but also some subtitling, transcription and localisation work.


E: So you must have studied languages at some point?

L: I did a BA in Modern Languages before going back to university to study audiovisual translation, i.e. film translation, subtitling for the hard-of-hearing, theatre captioning and respeaking.


E: How did you decide upon German and Spanish? Did you always want to travel to those countries?

L: I love and hate the challenge of German, but it is really satisfying to speak once you get the hang of it – it feels more like a mathematical web than a language. Spanish is really useful to me, especially when it comes to travelling – I try to escape to hot weather when it’s winter here.


E: Has the knowledge of either language brought you to any exciting places in the world?

L:I’ve moved about a bit, and Berlin definitely counts as an exciting place to live.


E: As a freelancer, what is it about coworking that appeals to you?

L: I like working in a relaxed environment, and the variety of people keeps things fresh.


E: Have you ever collaborated or worked with any of the other coworkers here?

L: I have. A good reason to work at a shared space rather than at home! I did some editing for Micha for one of his weather apps and Jorge helped me out with the design of my homepage. I also do some work for Susan’s translation agency ‘Ring Interpreting‘ on an ongoing basis – I really enjoy working with her!


Michael Diener aka ‘Micha’ is a long-time coworker here at ESDIP, and the founder of Rain Alarm, an app which warns you against approaching precipitation like rain or snow. Micha is also working on ‘Severe Weather’ with a fellow coworker Soner, you can check it out at the App Store here.  

Susan Ring is another of our long term members here, and runs ‘Ring Interpreting‘, a network of language specialists providing interpreting and translation services. Fellow coworker, graphic designer and visual artist Jorge Chamorro designed Laura’s new webpage, while also designing the logo for Susan’s company (pictured). It’s great to see so many of our members working together and employing each others’ services! 


E: Do you think that it’s important for young people to learn (at least) one second language?

L: It’s important in terms of perspective, another language can be another way to see the world.


E: What’s the most hilarious translation-fail you’ve ever come across?

L: “Big chocolate with mounted scum” – I think they meant “large hot chocolate with cream”.


Laura has collaborated with another of our long-time coworkers, Jorge Chamorro – Jorge designed the homepage for Laura’s new website (snippet pictured). Jorge is a graphic designer and collage artist, and has also taught many workshops and seminars at the ESDIP Berlin School over the years. Photo credit: Laura Eglington 

E: You mentioned once that you lived in Cuba for a while – that sounds exciting! Would you go back?

L: I like the way I remember it and I don’t know if I would go back now, but maybe. So much has changed since then and a lot my friends from there have left.


E: Any hilarious language-related anecdotes about your time there?

L: Ufff so many! Sometimes I would accidentally mispronounce “jugo de piña” (pineapple juice) as “jugo de pinga” – Google it.


E: How does it feel to be chosen as Coworker of the Month?

L: Made my year. No lie!


E: You mentioned that you also do subtitling – how did you get into that field? Did you ever have to subtitle a particularly terrible and/or raunchy film?

L: I studied it and then sent applications out to audiovisual companies. Not had a really bad one yet, but sometimes the ‘worst’ are the most fun – like telenovelas.


E: Before we go – do you have any tips for people trying to learn a new language (i.e; German!)?

L: It’s best to start at the source, so the best way is to live in the country if you can and make friends with people who speak the language well or have it as a mother tongue. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes!



You can check out Laura’s website here:



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