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ESDIP (which in Spanish stands for ESCUELA SUPERIOR DE DIBUJO PROFESIONAL or ‘The Higher Institute of Professional Drawing’ is recognized in all art circles as one of the most prestigious art institutes in Europe. Since its founding in 1983, ESDIP has turned out generations of young illustrators and artists of the highest caliber from within all of the specialties that embrace graphic design and artistic disciplines.

Now more than ever, art as a discipline is increasingly becoming more main-stream, more in demand, and faster evolving. Television, publishing houses, magazine, comics, newspapers, posters, window displays, cinema, advertising and the Internet all consume art in the form of images at an incredible rate which requires work and swiftness from multiple professionals. New technologies have afforded graphic artists a wide variety of solutions as well as tools that have in themselves become professions in their own right, and have completely changed the way things were done before; tools that a good designer has to master. However, these technological skills are useless without a solid artistic base built on a mastery of drawing, color, shape, composition and technique. This knowledge, combined with new technologies, is the foundation of artistic work nowadays.

At ESDIP we understand the need for this essential knowledge, which is why we enable technology and the fine arts to come together in perfect harmony resulting in bigger and better creative performance; in essence, art and technology breathing life into ideas.




ESDIP has two locations in the center of Madrid, one on the Calle Santa Engracia, 122 (Metro Station Rios Rosas, and the other on the Calle Magallanes, 25 (Metro station Quevedo). Between them they boast 4,000 M2 of classrooms equipped with the most modern technology and equipment as well as recreational and student areas:


  • Projection room
  • Assembly hall
  • Cinematic production
  • Publishing
  • Library
  • Video-library
  • Snack-Cafe
  • 3 exhibition rooms
  • Classrooms & workshops


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