Interview by Sarah Kilcoyne

February 2018


Juan García Segura!

Once a month here at ESDIP, there is a prestigious prize up for grabs – the esteemed ‘Coworker of the Month‘ award!

We are proud to take this opportunity to show off one of our fabulous coworkers, and give you an insight into the type of work that our community members do here on a daily basis.

Photo credit: Sarah Kilcoyne

We sat down for a chat with one of our longstanding coworkers Juan, a motion graphics designer from Murcia, Spain. Juan has worked with ARTE, Coca Cola, Porsche, Volkswagen, Mercedes, 3M, Redbull, Allianz and many many more. Here we find out a bit more about his personal work, and life in the motion design industry. 

Sarah: Hi Juan! Since we’re talking about working and coworking, tell us first of all – what kind of work do you do?

Juan: Hi Sarah! I am a motion graphics designer. I create concepts, design and animations for broadcast, advertisement and exhibitions.


S: For all the less-informed out there (i.e; me), can you explain what that is?

J: Basically anything with graphics moving can be called motion design. A movie title, a sweets commercial, a video-art installation or the animation of the icons in our phones.

The beauty of it is that it is very multidisciplinary, so you can mix traditional animation with 3D, stopmotion, illustration, video footage… anything! The variation of styles and combinations is endless, it is a lot of fun.


S: The computer on your desk is huge! Does one need to invest in a lot of equipment to get going as a Motion Graphics Designer?

J: Depends on your style. If you do 2D animation you can get going with a regular laptop.

If you want to do photoreal 3D you are going to need some serious hardware power. Sometimes I envy the motion designers that can finish the work on the train. I cannot. I can research and imagine and doodle some storyboards on my own, but to finish the job I need my machine.

A still from one of Juan’s personal projects, ‘OTOÑO’. Photo credit; Juan Garcia Segura

S: Do you prefer coworking as a freelancer, or working with a studio?

J: Working on a studio allows you to work on big projects for big clients. And, if you are lucky, you can learn a lot from your teammates and have fun.

Working as a freelance on your own allows you to be flexible regarding location and schedule, which is huge if you have two little kids as I do. Also, having direct contact with the clients and depending only on yourself to do things is very refreshing. So, I prefer a mix of both: some jobs on my own and some jobs on studios. It keeps things interesting.


S: Do you ever get time to work on your own projects? (If so) What’s your most favorite
personal project that you’ve done so far?

J: I used to have more time, nowadays I just do small renders instead of full projects.
But yes, I create stuff whenever I have time, it is very important to keep your skills sharpened and the creative juices flowing.

I’m very fond of all my personal material. For example what I’ve produced lately for my Instagram feed.


S: I’ve been snooping through your website – taking for example, ‘Timeline Bug’ – as a 43
second clip, how long does something like that take to make?

J: Around a full month I recall, and then finishing it in the evenings after work. It was hard work because I had to learn a lot of modeling and rigging (integrating a skeleton into the model, so it can be animated). I had a lot of fun researching and creating the ladybug. They are beautiful creatures with a lot of personality.

Video credit: Juan Garcia Segura

S: That piece is also really cinematic, and kind of creepy! Is there anything in particular that inspires you? Any filmmakers for example, or other Motion Graphic Designers?

J: Hahaha, It may be a little creepy, yes. My sources of inspiration are many and varied: of course many motion designers and studios, illustration, art, science, history, comics, architecture, all types of music, films and series and their titles…

But what really puts me in the zone is playing music on my headphones and getting lost in the city, specially with the elevated railway.

Mixing a good soundtrack with the architecture, the light and the people in Berlin is just amazing.


S: Is Berlin a good place to be a Motion Graphics Designer?

J: Definitely you can make a good living, and there are many different interesting jobs to do, which is great. I personally haven´t found that many broadcast design jobs and kind of miss that, but otherwise is okay.

A still from one of Juan’s personal projects, ‘MOOG’. Photo credit: Juan Garcia Segura

S: PC or Mac!

J: I worked 8 years with mac, but now I literally cannot have my hardware configuration on a mac, so it is not an option for me at the moment. Windows it is generally fine but has things that are very annoying. So yeah, I prefer to work on a mac, I’d do it if I could.


S: You’ve been coworking with us at ESDIP for years now, over 3 years if I’m correct – what is it about coworking that appeals to you?

J: Coworking is great. Basically is like having your own office but everything is taken care of. And there’s always people around, which keeps life interesting.

Also ESDIP’s atmosphere is pretty laid back. I love the reused old industrial architecture, and the artistic vibe is very inspiring.

Video credit: Juan Garcia Segura

S: Any advice for aspiring Motion Graphics Designers?

J: Before going crazy learning tools focus on learning design and animation principles, color theory, photography, composition, editing, etc.

You can make an amazing motion graphics piece just moving around some squares if they have an interesting framing, nice colors and a good rhythm.
If you cannot make a compelling film with simple things you probably won’t make it using complicated tools and processes either.


You can check out more of Juan’s work for yourself here: www.juangarciasegura.com



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