Juan García Segura
I am a motion graphics designer. I create concepts, design and animations for broadcast, advertisement and exhibitions.

Julia Iglesias
I am a graphic designer and illustrator working for international clients and as an art teacher at Urban Art Kids.

Rafa Álvarez
I am an illustrator working for international media (ESPN, Scientific American, Billboard...) in print, online and motion graphics projects.

Mauricio Disilvestro
My name is Mauricio Disilvestro. I’m a web developer and I’m one of the staff instructors of ESDIP.

Siri Lee Lindskrog
Graphic designer with focus on typography, editorial design and visual identity. Co-founder of Studio jetzt-immer.

David Bernau
I'm a 3D motion designer, focused on realistic renderings. From creating to shading and lighting.

Michael Diener
I do my own apps and stuff.

Sarah Kilcoyne
Hi! I'm an illustrator/visual artist, drawing teacher and I'm also in charge of the Life Drawing sessions at ESDIP.

Amanda-Li Kollberg
Graphic designer with focus on visual identity, print design and publication design. Co-founder of Studio jetzt-immer.

María Luján
Hi! I'm María, I'm a graphic designer, paper artist, and head of ESDIP Berlin.

I'm a bone model at ESDIP's drawing classes, and a dance partner at the parties.

Kent Barwin
I work with Digital Business Development/Transformation through focus on customer and user behaviour.

Ivan Najman
Freelance mobile and game developer.

Valeria Baudo
I’m an Art History graduate and producer of art events and fairs.  I joined the team of ESDIP in 2019.

Marcos Morales
I am a graphic designer and digital collage illustrator. I also give workshops in different places, including ESDIP Berlin.

Luis Ortega
Hola! My name is Luis, artist, human being and member of ESDIP Berlin.

Urtzi Urkixo
I am a graphic artist and printmaker focused on the production of paper and textile projects. I also offer Silk…

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