My name is Mauricio. I'm a web developer and I’m one of the staff instructors at ESDIP

Jorge Chamorro

¡Hola! My name is Jorge. I work as a graphic designer and collagist, and I’m also a member of the ESDIP faculty.

Hi! I'm María, graphic designer and CEO of ESDIP Berlin.

Rob Hanna

Hi, I'm Rob; I do print design, photography, video, web development, and cakes. I’m also one of the staff instructors at ESDIP.

Suzanne Forbes

Hi! I'm Suzanne, a visual artist from New York. These days I paint portraits, and teach drawing as part of the ESDIP faculty.

Sarah Kilcoyne

Hi! My name is Sarah. I'm a visual artist, an art instructor at ESDIP and María's wingman.


Global Cad

We are Johanna, Julia and Puri from Global CAD, Center of Partnerships for Development.

Omar Jaramillo

Hi! I'm Omar, I'm an artist specialising in Urban Sketching. I'm also one of the art instructors at ESDIP.


Hi! I'm Tijmen Ploeger, working under the name of Itchi5. I do detailed illustrations and hand drawn typography, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.


Annelies Morlion

Hi! I’m Lies and I’m a food blogger.

Rafa Alvarez

Hi! My name is Rafa and I am an illustrator working for international media (ESPN, NY Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung,etc…) and as digital illustration teacher at BTK University.

Laura Eglington

Hey! I'm Laura, I mostly do translation and subtitling from German and Spanish into English.

Maria Julia Iglesias

Hi! I'm Julia, I'm from Patagonia Argentinia. 
I'm a graphic designer and I like drawing, music, landscapes, high waves and dance anywhere. 

Michael Diener

“I do my own apps and stuff.”


I'm a motion designer from The Netherlands with skills ranging from 2D animation to VFX and I collaborate on ESDIP's events.


Robin Joensuu

Hi! I'm Rob - an English-to-Swedish freelance translator specializing in IT, marketing, telecom and engineering. Dog lover, book lover.

Marlene Gastberger

Servus! I am from Austria and work as Key Account Manager for an IT company.