Looking for accommodation for your summer in Berlin?  

Berlin is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in Europe at the moment - the only downside is, everyone wants to be here!  

We would therefore recommend, that you commence your search asap.  

Berlin has a lot to offer in terms of temporary accommodation - hostels, Airbnb, flatshares, etc.  

ESDIP Berlin is based in the Friedrichshain neighbourhood, so if you could find something in this area, it will make your commute to your daily classes even easier!  


Here are some sources to get you started…





(Please note that ESDIP Berlin bears no responsibility for the actions of the proprietors nor residencies provided, or liability for any consequent damages, theft, fraud, etc. that may occur. ESDIP will not be liable for any losses arising as a consequence of any modifications or cancellation of courses. ESDIP‘s Illustration Summer Course will only take place if a minimum of 5 students per course enrol).