July 24th, 26th & 31st

An intensive workshop exploring the craft of screen printing,
focusing on one and two-color poster printing.


First class: Monday, July 24th, 17:00 - 20:00h
Second class: Wednesday, July 26th, 18:00 - 21:00h
Third class (optional): Monday, July 31st, 18:00 - 21:00h


Only 6 spots

Two-day program: 75€
Third class (extra): 45€

Gain insight into the science, best practices, and crucial small details that will help make huge differences in your finished printing work. Participants will use artwork provided by the instructors, learn how to properly coat and expose screens, then will register and print a two-color poster.

*Participants may also sign up for an additional third workshop day where they may use and print their own conceived design. This also allows an opportunity for more instruction and a chance to learn some advanced techniques. (Please note that this is only in addition to the two-day workshop).



Over the course of this workshop students will:

  • Learn about the history and development of the craft of screen printing.
  • Properly design and set up images and output files for films.
  • Discover the science behind photo-sensitive emulsion and learn how to properly coat and burn an image into a screen.
  • Learn best practices and master fine details to get the most accurate and best quality prints without making a mess in your shop.


All materials, screens, and inks will be provided! If you are signed up for the optional third day, you can bring your own screens and inks if you like.
However it’s recommended that you come with a laptop with Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign installed to go over print file preparations.


Robert Hanna and Max Langendorf are the co-founders of Suspicious Package, a new screen printing collective based in Berlin. Focusing primarily on flatstock and textiles, Inkquisition has produced printed posters, stickers, album covers, and t-shirts for several illustrators, bands, and brands in the Berlin area. Robert is also part of Print’s Not Dead (, a Seattle-based print collective that specializes in screen printed gig posters. His design and photography work can be found at his website,

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