Perfect Portrait Workshop

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with David Belliveau

22nd February – 9th March, every Monday and Wednesday, 19:30 – 21:30


In February 2016, digital artist David Belliveau will return to ESDIP Berlin to host his latest digital painting class, Perfect Portrait.

Over the course of 6 interactive workshops (each running for 2 hours), you will learn about the whole process of digital painting, from sketch to polished masterpiece. Along the way you’ll learn a ton of great tips and techniques that will help you build your confidence, and develop skills for all areas of digital painting. Classes will consist of both teaching and exercises, so you will get lots of hands-on practice time.

Although a basic understanding of Photoshop is advised (ie. How to use layers and the brush tool), the basics will be cover before moving onto more advanced techniques. You will need your own laptop and graphics tablet.

Among many other things, topics will include:

  • Sketching (brushes, techniques, and a geometric approach)
  • Rendering and values (painting light and shadow)
  • Coloring (going from grayscale to color)
  • Texture (adding realism to your paintings)
  • Styling (learn how to add style & character)


Taught by David Belliveau:

David Belliveau is a self taught illustrator from Montreal. He has been working as a graphic designer for over 10 years and is now making the switch between design and illustration. In 2011 he began to fall in love with digital drawing an has been pushing his own limits since then.


Perfect Portraits is designed to drastically improve your digital painting skills, condensing what could take months to learn into just 12 hours. Are you ready to join?


22nd February – 9th March
every Monday and Wednesday
19:30 – 21:30

€165 (taxes are included)