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Two weeks (Total hours: 12)

Pencils and a sketchbook

Total: 125€

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Are you a budding artist, with a lust for sketching and creativity? Do you spend sleepless nights huddled under a desk lamp, relentlessly striving to illustrate your innermost thoughts and desires? But you still just can’t seem to get that guy’s legs to look quite right??

Then this might be the course for you.

This workshop aims to provide an understanding of how to draw the human body, and provide a platform for further self-driven improvement.

Combining a knowledge of basic anatomical theory and working from a live model, we will cover the basic principles of human figure drawing. These include areas such as human proportion, muscle structure, the hands and feet, the portrait, and more.

Students will also get notes to take home, containing all of the material we have covered throughout the course, to refer back to later.


Sarah Kilcoyne 
is professionally trained artist from Ireland. She studied Fine Art for four years in the Limerick College of Art and Design, specialising in the study of oil painting, portraiture, and figure drawing and anatomy. These days she resides in Berlin, and combines her work as a visual artist with teaching, both group and private classes. She has exhibited in many shows between Ireland and Germany, and currently paints in a studio in Berlin, Friedrichshain.

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