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Job description:

We are seeking part-time Graphic Design instructors to teach the software module of our Graphic Design courses. Applicants are required to present a proven track record of experience in Graphic Design using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Applicants must have:

› An educational background in this discipline. 

› Have thorough knowledge of current Mac platform and current Adobe Creative Suite software.

› Applicant must be organized and reliable. These courses are taught in a shared studio space.

› The ability to work closely with other faculty and collaborate on projects is required.

› The ability to develop instructional techniques for the delivery of key skills in Graphic Design.

The work will involve preparing, scheduling, and teaching courses.

The instructor will be required to work within a team, and communicate with students in a clear and engaging way.

The position is located at ESDIP Berlin, one of three headquarters of ESDIP Art School of Spain.

This position is on a Freelance basis, open-ended and will take effect from April 2017. Minimum 4 hours a week.

Please, send your portfolio including examples of your work with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to:



 ESDIP reserves the right to vary the candidate requirements or make no appointment at all. Neither in part, nor in whole does this information form part of any contract between ESDIP and any individual.