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with Omar Jarmillo
September 26th, 27th and 28th
7:30pm – 9:30pm





A workshop about inks, fountain pens and dry twigs.

Using different tools in combination with inks can allow you to create a distinctive signature line. We will explore the potential of this media to create a personal style.

This workshop will be an introduction to inks. Those available in the general market, permanent and non-permanent, pens and other tools.We will learn the differences between making lines, marks and shapes.

We will explore the ancient Asian technic of ‘dry twig’ and its combination with watercolours. We will also learn how to create different kind of marks and textures, and how to create different tones and values.

INKcredible is a workshop for both beginners and advanced sketchers.



Students will need to bring:

-Watercolours (small set)
-Big brush, round not flat (Squirrel “french” Brush is best)
-A cup or glass for water
-A cloth, to clean the brush
-Faber Castell Pitt Pen: Sepia and/or  Black S size
-Any Fountain Pen, quilts, nibs you have…
We will provide paper, some calligraphic fountain pens, twigs and permanent ink.











Taught by Omar Jaramillo
Omar was born in 1971 in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
He completed his architecture studies between Ecuador and Germany. His work as a landscape architect brought him to spend long periods in Italy, the Emirates and Oman. During his travels, he kept track of the journey through drawing and watercolor. In 2009 he became a correspondent member of the ‘Urban Sketchers’.
In 2012 he was invited for a two month Artist-in-Residence project at the Opera House in Hannover, documenting the making of a ballet performance with his sketches. The project ended with an exhibition at the Opera House. Invitations to teach workshops in Barcelona , Tanzania and Malaga followed.
His work has been exhibited in Ecuador, Italy, USA, UAE, Canada and Germany. His drawings have been published by books, newspapers and magazines around the world.
Omar currently lives and works in Berlin. He is a founder and manager of the Urban Sketchers Germany chapter.




Cancellation policy:
Full refund of payment for a class will be given for cancellations only if the spot can be filled by another student. Please be considerate. We reserve the right to cancel a class in unusual circumstances or if minimum attendance numbers are not met. In this situation, of course, a full refund will be given.