ESDIP International Art School aims to provide the best training for students interested artistic professions.
Over the last 30 years, we have produced generations of young graphic designers, illustrators and artists.

This course gives the students a solid basis in graphic design.
For that purpose, we will focus on three aspects: theory, practice, and software.

Date: 16th of January – 6th of April
Time: Monday to Thursday, 7:30pm - 9:30pm

All programs will be in English

Total: 96 hours

Total: 825€

Laptop with Illustrator, Photoshop 
& InDesign



We believe that good design is the result of a profound intellectual process, and not just about making “pretty pictures.” So, a solid understanding of design fundamentals is essential. To achieve this, we will study the history of design, its most important influencers, and the different approaches and theories surrounding design. Students will learn about communication, typography, composition, layout, visual identity, signage, and editorial design.

A large part of the course will comprise of implementing a variety of graphic design projects, and subsequently taking part in a collective group analysis of that work. Thus, the students will develop their creative and analytical skills. We will conclude with a final project in which each student will design their own corporate identity.

Students will gain a basic and functional understanding of three essential software applications for a graphic designer: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The course will cover current information, tools, and techniques used to create digital materials for a variety of visual communications applications. including: resolution, colour modes, editing, file formats, and output for print and web media. Students will learn the basics of pixel-based software (Photoshop), how to edit, retouch, and colour correct images, and create composites from multiple images. The second phase will cover vector-based software (Illustrator), developing problem-solving skills related to illustration techniques and output media files suitable for web and print. The course will conclude with an introduction to digital page layout design software (InDesign). Students will learn how to incorporate text, photos, and vector art files into composed pieces designed for print output.

Course content:
• Fundamental concepts of graphic design
• Typography
• Composition and layout
• Visual identity
• Editorial design
• Image editing and retouching
• Working with pixel and vector based imaging
• Output multiple page projects
• Prepare files for print media

• Adobe Photoshop CC
• Adobe InDesign CC
• Adobe Illustrator CC


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Please note that the class has a limited number of places that will be therefore assigned on a first come – first enrolled basis!

1. Payment in full: The payments done in full have a 3% discount. The total amount to pay would be 800€.
2. Three monthly installments of €275: Each payment must be done within the first week of the month.
Please notice that payment settlement is a condition to admission into class and booking cannot be confirmed until full payment has been received.


Our educational team are artists dedicated to creative work and teaching, who strive daily to share and disseminate the knowledge they have acquired throughout their career with the students, teachers who contribute daily to the School’s reputation and quality of education of students.


jroge-chamorroJorge Chamorro (Madrid, 1972) is a graphic designer, teacher and collage artist. Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1995, he worked as a graphic designer for several studios and agencies, until he set up his own studio in 2005, where he develops communication projects for dierent clients. He is graphic design teacher in the art school Esdip since the last 6 years and Esdip Berlin. He also runs collage, visual identity and typography workshops. He has exhibited regularly in a variety of venues and his work has been published in many national and international media.

rob-hannaRobert Hanna is a graphic designer, photographer, and videographer. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Seattle University in 2001, and later completed an Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences degree in Visual Communications Technology with a focus in photography and graphic design from Shoreline Community College in 2010. He is the Marketing and Communications Manager for a $70M nonprot social enterprise that provides employment and training to people with visual disabilities. He is also a member of the Fainting Room Artist Collective, the co-founder of Print’s Not Dead screen printing, and the co-owner of ABSOC, an independent record label specializing in vinyl releases. His work has appeared in various publications such as Decibel, The Big Takeover, Zero Tolerance, Maximum Rocknroll, MetalCats Book,, SSG Music, Tablet Magazine, and Profane Existence.