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Over the last 30 years, we have produced generations of young illustrators, graphic designers, and artists.


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Months: 3
Total hours: 100

Monthly: 385€
(Total: 1155€)
Materials for the course are included in the price. 

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For the Digital Illustration classes, students might be required to bring a laptop with Photoshop.

After completion of this course students will receive a certificate from ESDIP Escuela de Arte

› Fine art classes
› Materials
› Life Drawing events (with model)


Our Fine Arts programme offers students the opportunity to develop their own unique artistic identity under the personal guidance of our tutors, who will strive to support their creative needs individually.
The students will develop and experiment with the necessary methods and techniques needed to create illustrated images, sculptures, prints, etc., while developing the ability to interpret and express ideas, giving them the best creative solution.
The areas of study in this programme include: Illustration, Sculpture, Drawing, Printmaking and Digital Illustration.
Art theory and practice, art history, media theory and cultural activities will provide the students with a solid academic foundation.
Since this is a course for beginners, there is no competitive admission process and any person over 18 years old that wishes to learn Fine Arts is welcome to join the course.

› Drawing techniques
› Emphasis of personal style
› Anatomical study of the human form with live model
› Hands and feet
› Portrait
› Perspective
› Shading theory and technique through still life and figure drawing
› Editorial illustration: children's book, cartoons
› Drawing animals, objects, superheroes, fabrics
› Color techniques: watercolour, pencil, ink
› Digital Illustration: Photoshop
› Clay sculpture
› Printmaking: screen-printing, linocut


Please read the Terms and Conditions before registration.
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Please note that the class has a limited number of places, that will therefore be assigned on a first come – first enrolled basis!
Payment settlement is a condition to admission into class and booking cannot be confirmed until full payment has been received.
Individual classes and/or modules are non-transferable.


Our educational team are artists dedicated to creative work and teaching, who contribute daily to the School’s reputation and quality of education of our students. Our faculty strives to share the knowledge they have acquired throughout their career with the students in a coherent and positive way. 

› RAFA ÁLVAREZ is an award-winning Spanish illustrator living and working in Berlin.
After spending some years working as Communications Manager for an American multinational in Spain, he moved to New York to focus on his art career. He graduated at the highly selective School of Visual Arts with a Master in Illustration as Visual Essay and started to work for magazines and book publishers around the globe. As of today, his work can be seen regularly on the pages of Sports Illustrated, ESPN, The New York Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung or the Star Tribune as well as in advertising campaigns for Apple, Bloomberg and many others.
His has been featured in Illustration Now! vol. 5 and has recently been awarded by American Illustration 35 (selected for annual), Society of News Design 2017 (Silver medal), World Illustration Awards (finalist) Illustrative Berlin (finalist), Creative Quarterly, 3x3 Contemporary Illustration, International Motion Arts and Behance (winner of Talent Search 2013 in field illustration). On top of his work as freelancer, he teaches illustration workshops on demand and illustrates a series of social comics for Housing Works, a New York based non-profit.

› SUZANNE FORBES is a traditional figurative artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She has worked as a courtroom artist for CBS and CNN and as the monthly penciller for DC Comics’ Star Trek comic book. Nowadays she teaches drawing at ESDIP in Friedrichshain and works as a live drawing documentarian. She goes around Berlin and draws people doing things, always committed to diversity and visibility for queer, goth and alternative culture.


› OMAR JARAMILLO completed his architecture studies between Ecuador and Germany. His work as a landscape architect brought him to spend long periods in Italy, the Emirates and Oman. During his travels, he kept track of the journey through drawing and watercolor. In 2009 he became a correspondent member of the 'Urban Sketchers'.
In 2012 he was invited for a two month Artist-in-Residence project at the Opera House in Hannover, documenting the making of a ballet performance with his sketches. The project ended with an exhibition at the Opera House. Invitations to teach workshops in Barcelona , Tanzania and Malaga followed. His work has been exhibited in Ecuador, Italy, USA, UAE, Canada and Germany. His drawings have been published by books, newspapers and magazines around the world. Omar currently lives and works in Berlin. He is a founder and manager of the Urban Sketchers Germany chapter.


MAX LANGENDORF has been involved in printmaking for five years, from stencil prints, xylography, and screen printing. He is a co-founder of Suspicious Package, a Berlin-based screen printing collective, focusing on custom poster and textile printing.

› DANIMAIZ Freelance illustrator from the Basque Country in Northern Spain, based now in Berlin. Graduated as an Upper Level Technician in Applied Arts and Design, specialised in Illustration, EASD-ADGE (2000). Professional since 11 years ago, working for advertising, press and magazines.


› SARAH KILCOYNE Sarah Kilcoyne is a classically trained artist from Ireland. She studied Fine Art for four years in the Limerick College of Art and Design, specialising in the study of oil painting, portraiture, figure drawing and anatomy. These days, she resides in Berlin, and combines her work as a visual artist with teaching, both group and private classes. She has exhibited in many shows between Ireland and Germany, and currently paints in a studio in Berlin, Friedrichshain.


ROB HANNA is a graphic designer, photographer, and videographer. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Seattle University in 2001, and later completed an Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences degree in Visual Communications Technology with a focus in photography and graphic design from Shoreline Community College in 2010. He is a co-founder of Suspicious Package, a Berlin-based screen printing collective, focusing on custom poster and textile printing. He is also a member of the Fainting Room Artist Collective, and Print’s Not Dead screen printing in Seattle, WA. His work has appeared in various publications such as Decibel, The Big Takeover, Zero Tolerance, Maximum Rocknroll, MetalCats Book,, SSG Music, Tablet Magazine, and Profane Existence.


EVELINE VAN DE GRIEND grew up in different countries before returning to The Netherlands to study drawing, painting and sculpture at the Art Academy ‘s-Hertogenbosch. She was a professor at Art Academy AKV St. Joost, Breda and AKV  ‘s-Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands. Van de Griend gave lectures internationally, and was an artist-in-residence in France, Italy, Germany and South Africa. In Pietrasanta, Italy she studied the classical technic of carving in marble.


The figure drawing module of the course will aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of how to draw the human body, and provide a platform for further self-driven improvement. Combination both theory classes and working from a live model, we will cover the principles of human figure drawing, including: 

› Construction   
› Proportion 
› Anatomy 
› Hands & Feet 
› Portrait  
› Gesture Drawing  
› Foreshortening 

During this module of the course, students will learn how to shade their drawings from scratch. 
We will learn how work with light and shadows, how to recognise different levels of tone, and replicate those tones through the application of different materials, including pencil, charcoal and conté crayon. 

Students will work from both still life scenes and a live figure model. 

The painting module of this course will be an introduction to and study of the use of watercolour paint, and ink. 
Watercolour is one of the oldest forms of painting, and is often mistakenly assumed to be the ‘easier’ art form. However, it is in fact a material that requires notable skill to master. Omar Jaramillo has been painting with watercolours for over 15 years, and will be passing on his invaluable knowledge and techniques to the students of this course.

This will include: 
› Glazing techniques in watercolor
› Wet on wet 
› Materials and paper 
› Ink techniques 
› Mixing colours 
› Ink and watercolor - mix technique

› Relief Printmaking w/ Linoleum

Students will learn and introduction to relief printmaking using soft rubber and lineoleum blocks. Students will trace, carve, ink, and print their own images using a variety of tools and different carving techniques. Students will learn how to use different burnishing tools as well as a bench top roll press to make prints. On day one we will cover the use of carving tools, and do a rudimentary print on a rubber block using a burnisher. Students will then have one week to carve out their own designs on a linoleum block, after which we will make prints using a roll press. 

› Screen Printing 

Students will learn an introduction to the tools and techniques of screen printing over a two-day module. We will demonstrate coating, burning, washing out, and reclaiming of screens. The first day we will go through the process and best practices of screen printing, give a brief introduction into the different kinds of mediums that can be screen printed. On the second day we will cover setting up a job, after which the students will have the opportunity to print a one-color poster designed for the course. 


In the sculpture workshop you will learn the basic skills of working 3D in clay. 
We will be mastering the head with a life model. The tools and material will be provided. 

› Learning the material
› Building the frames
› Building up the model base 
› Working with a life ‘head’ model
› Hollowing the head / finishing


In this module students will learn how to analyze copywritten text to find and choose the best and complex ideas, then synthesize them into a single image to create a visual-communicative concept as an accompaniment to the reading.

With a combination of practice and theory lessons, we will see step by step all the process:

› Exploring the topic
› Finding inspiration, brainstorming
› Experimenting with different ideas
› Choosing the hand-drawn type through the line, value, and color
› Playing with composition, character design, gesture drawing
› Checking textures, collage and inking

The module will help you to focus on a project and develop technically as a professional.