Draw Amazing Faces!

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with Suzanne Forbes

Tuesdays, March 22, 29, and April 5th
7:30pm – 9:30pm




Frustrated by faces? We can fix that! You’ll learn the anatomy and structure of the human face so you can draw it from any angle, with any expression. We’ll help you draw perfect portraits! 

Former DC Comics Star Trek artist Suzanne Forbes specializes in capturing a likeness and she can teach you how in this three-session workshop at ESDIP. We’ll talk about the difference between male and female and old and young faces. We’ll study the forms that make up the face, the way light and shadow create volume, and how to really get the nose projecting properly from the face!

For one class we’ll draw from the model, and the first two classes will have homework assignments. Bring a sketchbook at least A4 size and whatever materials you like to draw with.

Taught by 
Suzanne Forbes:
Suzanne Forbes is a classically trained figurative artist.
She has worked as a courtroom artist for CBS and CNN, a penciller for DC Comics’ Star Trek comic book, and as a portraitist and live drawing documentarian, which is a description she made up for going to fetish parties and drawing. Like Toulouse-Lautrec, but with boobs. She has taught drawing across the United States to various age groups; this is her first time teaching in Berlin!






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