My name is Mauricio and I'm a web developer. 


I'm a motion designer from The Netherlands with skills ranging from 2D animation to VFX.


Hi! I'm María, CEO and founder of ESDIP Berlin. 

Jorge Chamorro

¡Hola! My name is Jorge, and I work as a graphic designer, teacher and collagist.

Sarah Kilcoyne

Hi! My name is Sarah. I'm a visual artist, teacher, and María's wingman at ESDIP.


Hi! I'm Tijmen Ploeger, working under the name of Itchi5. I do detailed illustrations and hand drawn typography, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.


Annelies Morlion

Hi! I’m Lies and I’m a food blogger.

Rafa Alvarez

Hi! My name is Rafa and I am an illustrator working for international media (ESPN, NY Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung,etc…) and as digital illustration teacher at BTK University.

Laura Eglington

Hey! I'm Laura, I mostly do translation and subtitling from German and Spanish into English.

Maria Julia Iglesias

Hi! I'm Julia, I'm from Patagonia Argentinia. 
I'm a graphic designer and I like drawing, music, landscapes, high waves and dance anywhere. 

Michael Diener

“I do my own apps and stuff.”

Rob Hanna

Hi, I'm Rob; I do print design, photography, video, web development, and cakes.

Robin Joensuu

Hi! I'm Rob - an English-to-Swedish freelance translator specializing in IT, marketing, telecom and engineering. Dog lover, book lover.

Marlene Gastberger

Servus! I am from Austria and work as Key Account Manager for an IT company.

Global Cad

We are Johanna, Julia and Puri from Global CAD, Center of Partnerships for Development.